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Erectile dysfunction (ED) is not an unsolvable problem for a modern man. For decades, this type of sexual dysfunction can be successfully treated by effective and safe drugs, many of which are sold without a prescription.

The TGA approved a few dozen different drugs for the treatment of ED that are sold in the Australian pharmacies under various brand names.

Tablets for the ED treatment, which are sold under the brand names Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are very popular among Australian men, yet are expensive ones.

Analogs (generics) of branded drugs are much cheaper. Yet not every man knows that he has the opportunity to buy the ED treatment pills at low prices.

The Australian pharmacies sell lots of different drugs for the treatment of ED. Before you buy them, you should understand what similarities and differences they have.

Reliable information about different pills for the treatment of ED will help you make an informed choice, based on real facts, instead of assumptions and guesses.

Check out our reviews of the best branded and generic medicines for the treatment of ED, and make sure that no barriers exist to an active sex life.


The most popular generic drug for ED, available on the Australian market.
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Generic medicine for the treatment of ED that works 36 hours!
Find out how the generic Cialis works


Non-patented name for generic versions of Levitra pills.
Learn how Vardenafil affects erection


New PDE5 inhibitor for the ED treatment in the Australia.
Why the TGA approved Avanafil?


The first drug that was approved for the treatment of ED in the Australia.
History of Viagra


The main competitor to the world famous “blue pills” Viagra.
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One of the sales leaders in the Asia-Pacific market of drugs for the ED treatment
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New tablets with a well-known mechanism of action.
Who produces Spedra?


Generic medication for the treatment of premature ejaculation.
Whom is Dapoxetine prescribed for?


The only pills for the treatment of PE, available on the Australian market.
What is Priligy?

The uniqueness of all these drugs for the ED treatment is that they work regardless of the cause of erection problems. They can be used to treat all types of erectile dysfunction, including erection problems that are caused by:

Efficacy and safety of oral medications to treat ED were proven by the results of clinical trials and post-marketing long-term observations.

Top drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction

  • Cialis
  • Viagra
  • Levitra
  • Stendra
  • Edex
  • Staxyn
  • Muse
  • Caverject

You can buy ED treatment pills at your local pharmacy, or order them online, without leaving your home. Some Australian pharmacies sell drugs to increase potency without prescription. Therefore, you can buy them in just a few minutes, without consulting your doctor first.

Despite the high safety level of oral medications, they are contraindicated in some men.

If a man is contraindicated to use oral tablets from the PDE5 inhibitors group, he can buy and use drugs from other pharmacological groups for the ED treatment.


Cream, urethral suppositories, injections for the treatment of ED
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One of the best natural pills to treat ED
How they work?


Stimulator for the ED treatment
What are the disadvantages?


Combined medication for the ED treatment
How to use?


One of the best prescription alternatives to oral tablets
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The most popular non-prescription alternative to Viagra
What are the benefits?


Tablets for the treatment of ED, withdrawn from the international market
Where are they sold?


The only drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, which contains two active ingredients.
Double effect

Given the fact that drugs for the ED treatment contain different active ingredients and are manufactured by different companies, they have different costs.

If you have chosen a drug for the treatment of ED, find out the prices for the medicines that contain the same active ingredient.

Having compared the price of different drugs with the same ingredient, you can buy the cheapest ones, and minimize your expenses for the ED treatment.

The pharmacist can provide you with all necessary information on the cost of the original drugs for the ED treatment and their analogues. If you prefer to order drugs online, you always can get expert advice from the pharmacist of the online pharmacy.

It should be noted that sexual dysfunction is a problem not only for men, but also for women.

Men and women have different physiological mechanisms that affect sexual function. Therefore, women should:

Refrain from the use of tablets for the treatment of ED in men.

Only use medicines that are designed especially for women.

Can women take Viagra? What happens if a woman takes Viagra?

Addyi (Flibanserin)

Addyi Tavoletta

The new medicine for the treatment of female sexual dysfunction

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Female Viagra (Sildenafil)

Lovegra Tavoletta

Generic pills to enhance sexual activity

How they work?

Unlike men, women can mimic sexual arousal and hide their sexual problems from their partner. However, an intimate relationship is impossible without a healthy sexuality and a real passion.

Therefore, neither men nor women should give up the quick restoration of normal sexual activity.

If you’ve never taken pills for the treatment of male/female sexual dysfunction, start therapy with minimal or moderate doses of medications.

  • For example, the first dose of Viagra (Sildenafil) for men should not exceed 50mg.
  • Subsequent doses of Viagra for men can be reduced to 25 mg, or increased to 100mg.

Almost all of the pills for the ED treatment in men are produced in a wide dosage range. In addition, the most popular drugs for erection recovery have different forms of release. Today, men have the opportunity to buy medicines for the ED treatment in the form of:

Comparison of erectile dysfunction drugs


Safe points to use
Opening time (minutes)
Duration (hours)


Safe points to use
Opening time (minutes)
Duration (hours)


Safe points to use
Opening time (minutes)
Duration (hours)

Several dozens of pharmaceutical companies produce and supply prescription and non-prescription medicines for the treatment of ED.

You can check out the list of international and Australian suppliers of ED pills right now.


1. Make sure to buy only those medicines for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, which are not contraindicated to you.
2. If you have serious side effects, you must report them to the professional health worker.
3. Do not abuse drugs and avoid using them “off-label”.

Find Highlights Of Prescribing Information
and Medication Guide

You can find all necessary information about drug safety for the ED treatment in Patient Labeling (for consumers) or Highlights (for professionals).

Before applying the first dose, carefully read the reliable information about the medicine, and make sure that it is not contraindicated to you.

If you can not use the ED drug therapy for any reason, you have the opportunity to solve the erection problem without drugs.

Each of these alternative methods of ED treatment has its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages lie in the fact that these methods give a chance to restore normal sexual relations in cases when absolutely all medicines for the treatment of erectile dysfunction are contraindicated.

  • After surgery – penis sensitivity to sexual stimulation may be partially or completely lost.
  • Psychotherapy – is expensive and psychotherapists do not give a guarantee of 100% recovery.
  • Vacuum pumps only provide a short-term erections recovery, and can cause discomfort in regular use.
  • Easily and quickly restore sexual energy.
  • Save a harmonious relationship with your sexual partner.

The efficacy and safety of drug and non-drug therapy of ED is confirmed by national health systems all over the world, including the TGA (AU).

Everything you need to be sexually active at any age is to make the right choice today and not to postpone the solution of sexual problems for tomorrow.