Addyi Tablets

Addyi is the only drug that is approved for the treatment of female sexual dysfunction

Addyi has been specifically designed for women, who suffer from low sexual desire and want to increase their libido.

Even before the start of Addyi sales, this drug became known as the “Female Viagra”. However, Addyi and Viagra are completely different drugs with different active ingredients and different action mechanism.

Addyi tablets contain the active ingredient Flibanserin. This ingredient helps strengthen the sexual desire by activating sexual stimuli in the brain.

Because Flibanserin enhances the brain’s response to erotic stimuli, it helps women:

Increase sexual desire

Increase the frequency of sexual intercourse

Addyi tablets (Flibanserin) are recommended only to women, who are experiencing serious stress and discomfort due to the low frequency of sexual intercourses. Addyi pills are not prescribed to women, who are satisfied with their sexual relationship.

For a significant increase in libido, Addyi must be taken every day. Clinical studies have shown that regular use of Addyi increases the frequency of intercourse by about 50%.

Despite the proven efficacy, Addyi tablets failed to repeat the success of the first pill to treat male sexual dysfunction Viagra.

Manufacturer of Addyi tablets claims that every 10 women in the US suffer from low sexual desire.

Addyi 100 mg

However, in the first two months after the start of Addyi sales, no more than 1000 prescriptions for this drug were issued.

Low popularity of Addyi tablets results from a combination of several factors that include high treatment cost.

Price per Addyi dose is about $ 25. Viagra pills for men have about the same price. Yet, unlike Viagra pills for men that are used “as needed”, Addyi pills must be taken on a daily basis.

When buying Addyi without insurance, the cost of one-month treatment for female sexual dysfunction will amount to more than $ 750. Most women consider such cost unreasonably high, and try to find more affordable methods to increase libido.

Facts and figures about the history of Addyi creation

Addyi tablets were developed by Boehringer Ingelheim Company.

In 2008, this company tried to obtain a marketing authorization for Addyi in Europe, and in 2010 in the United States. After the FDA refused to approve Addyi for the treatment of female sexual dysfunction, Boehringer Ingelheim announced the termination of this drug investigations.

In 2012, the rights to Addyi were acquired by Sprout Pharmaceuticals. This company managed to conduct successful clinical trials and prove that Addyi benefits outweigh its potential risks.

In 2015, Sprout Pharmaceuticals acquired the rights to commercialize Addyi in the United States. However, only 2 days after the FDA approved Addyi to increase libido in women, Sprout Pharma sold all rights to the drug company Valeant Pharmaceuticals.

Addyi 100mg

Today, Valeant owns exclusive rights for Addyi worldwide.

In 2017, Addyi pills are sold only in the US, yet these pills to enhance sexual desire may be on sale in Australia in the next year.

If you are looking for the best drug to increase libido in women, you can find detailed information about Addyi into the leaflet for consumers and professionals.

Before you buy Addyi, learn more about the first drug for the treatment of female sexual dysfunction, and discuss the pros and cons with your doctor.