Advantages and disadvantages of vacuum pumps

Vacuum Pump

Vacuum pumps are special medical devices that help achieve and maintain the rigidity of the penis in erectile dysfunction (ED). Vacuum pumps for the ED treatment have some advantages and disadvantages.


  • Help get a strong lasting erection in less than 5 minutes.

  • Rarely cause systemic adverse reactions.

  • Help restore sexual confidence in men with psychogenic erectile dysfunction.

  • Are sold without a prescription and can be used together with drugs for the treatment of ED.


  • May cause transient adverse reactions, including difficulty in ejaculation, bruising, pain or numbness in the penis.

  • With insufficient experience of vacuum pumps use, the probability of spontaneous sex is very low.

  • Are contraindicated for use to treat ED in men with violations of blood coagulation.

Vacuum Erection DeviceThe use of vacuum pumps is an effective method of restoring erectile function. When Viagra and other pills for increasing potency are contraindicated, men can use vacuum pumps as an alternative to ED drug therapy.

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