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Alcohol abuse as a risk factor for erectile dysfunction

Alcoholism is one of the common causes of erectile dysfunction (erectile dysfunction). In young men who abuse alcohol, the risk of developing erectile dysfunction is several times higher, than in men who do not consume alcohol, or consume alcoholic beverages in moderate amounts.

Alcohol can adversely affect male potency for several reasons.

Alcohol can adversely affect male potency for several reasons.

  • The elasticity of the vessels decreases.

  • Blood circulation in the genitals slows down.

With prolonged alcohol abuse, blood clots begin to form in the blood, which:

  • Block the penile arteries.

  • Block the flow of blood to the penis.

Because of hemodynamics deterioration in the penis, men begin having problems with maintaining an erection, or the ability to get an erection is lost completely.

With a systematic abuse of alcohol and intoxication, alcohol affects the brain and nerve endings in the pelvic region, and thus reduces the sensitivity of the penis to sexual stimulation.

Refusal of alcohol contributes to a gradual:

  • Improvement in cardiovascular functions.
  • Normalization of the CNS functioning.
  • Restoration of the sexual function.
  • Increase in sexual activity.
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