Alprostadil cream

Alprostadil cream: stable erection after the first application

Alprostadil cream quickly eliminates potency problems and restores male sexual function. Europeans experiencing sexual dysfunctions can buy Alprostadil cream under the trademark Eafelb and use it to achieve erection as needed.

Eafelb has two dosage strengths – 2 mg / g and 3 mg / g of Alprostadil. Since 2015, the supplier of Eafelb cream is a global pharmaceutical company Ferring Pharmaceuticals. Each Eafelb pack contains four disposable tubes with Alprostadil cream.

Shelf life:

Alprostadil cream 2 mg / g – 9 months

Alprostadil cream 3 mg / g – 18 months

Eafelb – is not the only cream based on Alprostadil used in Europe to improve potency. Ferring company owns the marketing rights to Alprostadil cream called Vitaros.

Those men, who failed to buy Alprostadil cream, can find it in other countries under another trademark.

Alprostadil cream

To solve sexual problems, Vitaros is used by men from many countries of Europe, including the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, France and Portugal.