Apomorphine drug was approved for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (erectile dysfunction) in 2001. This drug is sold in Europe under two brand names:

1. Uprima

2. Taluvian

The developer, producer and owner of the European authorization for Apomorphine is the company Abbott. One of the Abbott’s partners that supplies Apomorphine drug for the erectile dysfunction treatment in Spain is Esteve Company.

Abbott and Esteve supplied to the European market sublingual tablets:

In 2001, besides Apomorphine tablets, Sildenafil tablets were the only ones for the erectile dysfunction treatment available for sale in Europe (Viagra).

Despite the attractive competitive conditions in the market of medicines for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, Abbott failed to achieve successful commercialization of Apomorphine.


Low levels of Apomorphine retail sales were due to the fact that this drug did not work for more than 2 hours, and was not effective in the treatment of severe erectile dysfunction.

Apomorphine mechanism of action is based on the stimulation of the central nervous system (CNS) areas that regulate the erection mechanism.

The advantage of such action mechanism lies in the fact that Apomorphine can restore the ability to achieve an erection only in response to sexual fantasies and/or visual sexual stimuli.

The drawback of such action mechanism lies in the fact that Apomorphine has virtually no effect on the physiological reasons for the lack of erection, and is not very effective in the treatment of mixed erectile dysfunction form.

The European Medicines Agency has approved two Apomorphine doses for the treatment of erectile dysfunction: 2mg and 3mg. Such doses provide a successful treatment of erectile dysfunction only in half of men, who suffer from erectile problems.

  • Post-marketing studies have demonstrated that many men needed higher Apomorphine doses of 5 mg or 6 mg to achieve a firm erection.

Apomorphine doses above 3 mg caused nausea and other side effects. Therefore, one single 3mg Apomorphine tablet is considered a maximum single dose of this medication.

In addition to serious drawbacks, Apomorphine did have several advantages that, however, failed to make it the best drug for the erectile dysfunction treatment.

The first advantage is the rapid onset of action. Apomorphine sublingual tablets start working no more than 20 minutes after the intake.The second advantage lies in the fact that Apomorphine tablet can be taken every 8 hours up to three times a day.

Since 2005, Apomorphine is not used to treat erectile dysfunction, yet it is still sold in pharmacies. Today, you can find in the retail sale Apomorphine injection solution, which is used for the symptomatic treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

Effect of Apomorphine injection on male sexual function was not been studied. Therefore, you should not use the injectable form of the drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

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