Avanafil is a drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (erectile dysfunction) that went on sale in 2011. The first country, in which this drug was approved for the erectile dysfunction treatment, was South Korea.

Then, this drug was licensed for sale in Australia, Europe, USA, Canada, and dozens of other countries. In different countries, Avanafil tablets are sold under various brand names.

In Australian pharmacies, Avanafil is sold under the brand Spedra

In North America, Avanafil is known under the brand name Stendra

In Korea, Avanafil is registered under the brand Zepeed

Avanafil tablets may have different trade names, yet they have the same action mechanism and effects.Avanafil works just like other popular pills for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, including Vardenafil and Tadalafil.

Avanafil helps men get a firm erection by stimulating additional blood inflow to the penis.By leveraging the hemodynamic processes in the erectile tissue of the penis, Avanafil helps men get an erection, sufficient for a successful start and completion of a sexual intercourse.

For the recovery of erectile function, men can be recommended tablets:

The more complicated it is for a man to achieve an erection, the higher Avanafil dose he needs.The key advantage of Avanafil over other pills for the erectile dysfunction treatment is a faster achievement of the desired effect.

Results of the trial, held in 2014, showed that:

  • The average Avanafil dose of 100mg helps to get an erection in just 12 minutes after the intake.
  • The maximum Avanafil dose of 200mg starts working within 10 minutes after the administration.

Despite the fact that Avanafil starts working faster than other drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, its popularity is not growing as quickly, as its manufacturer would like it to grow.Avanafil tablets are sold for more than 5 years, yet their global sales remain at very low levels so far.

The main reason for the slow pace of Avanafil sales growth is their high cost.

  • The global pharmaceutical market offers dozens of effective drugs for the erectile dysfunction treatment, which are sold at a price that doesn’t exceed 1-2 AUD per dose.
  • Price for one Avanafil dose ranges from 15 to 20 AUD. It is therefore not surprising that the majority of men are choosing cheaper medicines to treat erectile dysfunction.

Avanafil will cost more than other similar products as long as its analogs appear in pharmacies.

In Europe, Avanafil formula is patented until 2023-2025

In Australia, the term of patent protection for Avanafil expires in 2025-2027

Avanafil analogs will be available no earlier than its patent protection expires. Therefore, the owner of the exclusive rights to this drug in the medium term is a single company.Today, all rights for Avanafil belong to the company Vivus.

But However, the story of this drug is associated with a number of pharmaceutical companies:

  • Molecular Formula of Avanafil was discovered by the employees of the company Tanabe Seiyaku Co (part of the Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma since 2007). At the initial stage of the study, Avanafil drug was called “TA-1790”.
  • In February 2001, Tanabe Seiyaku sold the rights for the development and marketing of Avanafil (TA-1790) to the company Vivus. Vivus studied Avanafil effect on male sexual function for 10 years.
  • After a successful completion of clinical trials on Avanafil Vivus launched its sale in dozens of countries around the world (including Australia).

To achieve a successful global commercialization of Avanafil, Vivus has signed several partnership agreements with other pharmaceutical companies.

  • The exclusive Australian supplier of Avanafil became Menarini Group.
  • JW Pharmaceutical Company became the Korean supplier of Avanafil.
  • The owner of a marketing authorization for Avanafil in Africa, Turkey and the Middle East is Sanofi SA.
Avanafil Formula
  • Until mid-2016, the North American Avanafil supplier was Auxilium Company (part of the Endo Pharma). In the second half of 2016, the right to supply Avanafil in North and South America, as well as India, was obtained by the company Metuchen Pharmaceuticals.

Today, Avanafil (Spedra, Stendra, Zepeed) is the fourth most popular drug for treating erectile dysfunction. If Vivus Company fails to offer potential customers a lower price for Avanafil, this drug won’t be able to achieve the same incredible popularity, like pills for the erectile dysfunction treatment of erectile dysfunction:

Sildenafil (Viagra)

Tadalafil (Cialis)