The benefits of sex for the health of men and women

Sex for Health

Modern sexologists know that sex contributes not only to procreation or pleasure. The results of numerous studies prove the benefits of sex for the health of men and women.

Regular sexual activity helps increase the sense of self-attractiveness and self-confidence, restore relationships with a partner, improve health and life quality in general.

Sex has many benefits for the health of women and men, one of which is the ability of regular sex helps to balance hormones. During intimate intimacy, the synthesis of testosterone, oxytocin, estrogen, dopamine and prolactin increases in the human body.

Restoration of the hormonal balance is one of the important health benefits of sex. Increase of the hormones level during coitus promotes:

  • Increase in sexual desire.

  • Reduction in stress and mood improvement.

  • Acceleration of sleep and improvement of sleep quality.

  • Slowing down aging and increase in life expectancy.

Other benefits of sex for the health of men and women is immunity enhancement. Regular safe sex helps to significantly reduce the risks of infectious, cardiovascular or urological diseases, including swollen prostate or hypertension.

Sex can be a pleasant alternative to sports exercises and weight loss programs. The results of studies confirm that about half an hour of sexual activity burns about 200 calories and strengthens the muscles of the legs, arms and the abs.

Sex is very useful for women. It helps to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, which helps maintain the tone of the bladder, uterus and the intestines.

  • With regular sexual activity (at least once a week), the menstrual cycle is regulated.

  • The benefit of sex for women’s health also consists in increased blood circulation in the genitals and increased production of vaginal lubrication, which helps increase the pleasure of sex.

Another advantage of sex for men and women is its ability to restore attraction and strengthen communication between partners. The increased production of oxytocin during sex helps to increase the level of trust and understanding in personal relationships.