What are Bondil suppositories and how to use them?

Bondil is a popular trademark of Alprostadil suppositories in Europe.

Urethral suppositories Bondil – is one of the most convenient dosage forms of this drug to restore and maintain potency.

Bondil is produced in suppositories of 1.4 mm in diameter by 3 mm or 6 mm in length that dissolve rapidly under the influence of urine. This small size of Bondil suppositories allows to easily and painless to administer it into the external opening of the urethra.

To restore erection, administer a Bondil suppository into the urethra the entire length of the applicator and press the button. Bondil therapeutic effect begins about 10 minutes after administration of the suppository into the urethra.

At European pharmacies, you can buy urethral suppositories Bondil that include 125mcg, 250 mcg, 500 mcg or 1000 mcg of active ingredient Alprostadil.

  • Urethral suppositories Bondil 125mcg come only in 6 pieces per pack.
  • Other doses of this unique erectile dysfunction treatment drug are sold by 1 or 6 suppositories in a container.

Bondil passed a procedure of national decentralized authorization in some EU countries, such as Sweden. In other European countries, such as Italy and Luxembourg, Meda company supplies Bondil under the brand name Muse.

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