Caverject is an injectable drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (erectile dysfunction).

This drug should be administered only to those men, who have an allergic reaction to such tablets/capsules, as Sildenafil, Avanafil, Vardenafil, and Tadalafil.

Caverject has two important differences from the tablets for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The most important difference is the effect duration.

One dose of Caverject works several tens of minutes, while the action duration of one tablet for the erectile dysfunction treatment can reach up to 36 hours!

Another important difference is the ease of use:

  • You can take the tablet for the erectile dysfunction treatment within a few seconds
  • Caverject injection may take several minutes.

Despite the short-term effect of Caverject drug and the disadvantages of its use, the injection treatment of erectile dysfunction is the only possible way to get an erection for some men.

Different Caverject doses can be used to recover the erectile function. An optimal dose should be chosen by your doctor.

  • The first Caverject dose depends on the cause of the erectile dysfunction and varies from 1.5mkg to 2.5mkg. If a man does not achieve an erection after the administration of the low test dose, the second dose can be increased to 5mkg.
  • The dose of Caverject should be increased until a man reaches an erection, sufficient for a successful start and completion of a sexual intercourse.

Every 24 hours, the dose can be increased by not more than 10mkg. The maximum recommended dose of Caverject is 140mkg. Therefore, the selection of an optimal dose may take up to 2 weeks

Results of Caverject studies show that most men manage to achieve and maintain an erection after using the average Caverject dose of 60mg.

Recommendations for use

Men who were prescribed Caverject should adhere to a few simple rules.

  • No more than 1 Caverject injection should be used within 24 hours.
  • No more than 3 injections of Caverject should be administered within 7 days.
  • If an erection lasts longer than 1 hour after a Caverject injection, the next dose should be reduced.


If you have any serious side effects, you should stop the injection treatment of erectile dysfunction.

The most frequent side effect of Caverject is local pain in the penis, caused by injection.

  • Clinical studies have shown that penile pain occurs in about one in three men on Caverject.
  • Only 3% of the total number of men that took part in trials on Caverject had to stop the injection therapy of the erectile dysfunction due to pain in the penis.

You can find the complete list of often and common side effects in the leaflet for Caverject. If you note serious side effects while using this drug, you can try replacing Caverject injection to another drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

As an alternative to Caverject, doctor may recommend the use of drugs with the same ingredient. The active ingredient, used for the production of Caverject injectable solution, is Alprostadil. The same ingredient is included in the cream and suppositories to treat erectile dysfunction.

Alprostadil-based suppositories and cream work just like Caverject injection, but are introduced into the urethra, and not into the cavernous tissue.

International market offer more drugs that contain the active ingredient Alprostadil, including:

  • Bondil
  • Eafelb
  • Vitaros
  • Edex
  • Muse
  • Befar
  • Prostin VR
  • Cardiobron
  • Prostavasin
  • Viridal.

Please note that not all formulations that contain Alprostadil are used to treat male sexual dysfunction. The solution for intravenous infusion Alprostadil (including Prostin VR) is approved for the palliative treatment of congenital heart disease, and should not be used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Despite the fact that Caverject and other Alprostadil-containing drugs do not cause drug dependence, they are marketed in Australian pharmacies by prescription only.

If you already have obtained a prescription for Caverject injections, you can buy them at your local pharmacy. If you plan to buy Caverject online without a prescription, you must make sure that the injection erectile dysfunction treatment is not contraindicated to you, before you place your order.

Caverject 20mg

Caverject – is the key to restore sexual function.

Those men for whom oral medications for erectile dysfunction treatment were ineffective, intracavernous injections can be recommended. Caverject – is one of the world’s most popular injectable drugs to restore potency.

The supplier of Caverject in Australia is a company Pfizer. The drug for the first time received a marketing authorization by the TGA in 2013. What does include supply package of Caverject?

  • an injection syringe;
  • 2 alcohol wipes;
  • container for solvent;
  • injection needle (22 G and 30 G);
  • a vial with a white powder for solution for injection of 5mcg, 10mcg, 20mcg, or 40 mcg.

The syringe is filled with solution for injection by means of 22 G needle. The needle 30 G is designed directly for injection into the penis.

Not only Australians can return to a full sexual life by using Caverject. You can buy drug to restore potency in such countries as the UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, USA, New Zealand and many others.

Caverject Dual

Caverject DualCaverject Dual – is a unique dual-chamber syringes that contain:

  • 10 or 20 mg of active ingredient Alprostadil in powder form – in one chamber;
  • saline solution for injection – in the second chamber.

The original form of Caverject Dual helps to maintain the drug sterility. In addition, these injections for erectile dysfunction treatment are very easy to use that is a huge advantage of Caverject Dual over conventional injections to restore male potency.

Before administration of Caverject Dual, you do not have to calculate the dose on your own. Due to this, the risk of overdose or adverse reactions is significantly reduced when using Caverject Dual intracavernous injections.

In addition, Caverject Dual is sold in such EU countries as Austria, Finland, Norway, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom and Iceland.

Caverject Impulse

Caverject Impulse for rapid achievement of persistent erection.

In the absence of erection after intake of oral drugs, intracavernous injection of vasoactive drugs, such as Caverject Impulse can be used.

Today you can buy Caverject Impulse in the USA, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and other countries of the world.

The American supplier of this drug is Pharmacia and Upjohn. Pfizer supplies Caverject Impulse in Australia and New Zealand. German suppliers of Caverject Impulse are the companies Emra-Med, EurimPharm and Kohlpharma.

Caverject ImpulseSolution for a single injection may contain 10 or 20 mg of active ingredient Alprostadil.

A supply package of Caverject Impulse includes:

  • 2 alcohol swabs;
  • a dual-chamber syringe for injection;
  • 6 vials with powder for solution for injection;
  • 6 vials with solvent for solution for injection.

The entire kit is packaged in a two-chamber blister tray, which is placed in a cardboard box.

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