Dapoxetine is the best medicine for the treatment of premature ejaculation (PE) in men of mature age. This drug helps reduce the penis sensitivity to sexual stimulation, and, thus, increase the duration of a sexual intercourse.

Dapoxetine is sold under various trade names, most popular of which is Priligy. Today, Dapoxetine is in the top-10 of best drugs for the treatment of male sexual dysfunction, and its popularity continues to grow.

The growing popularity of Dapoxetine is explained by the fact that no other effective and safe drugs exist for the PE treatment. Therefore, when the sexual problem is characterized by a very fast ejaculation, man can be recommended only Dapoxetine.

Retail offers oral tablets and capsules:

Dapoxetine sales initiated in 2009, yet the history of this drug started much earlier. The first information about Dapoxetine was published in the early 2000’s, in a press release of the pharmaceutical company Elli Lilly.

Lilly Company developed Dapoxetine and held the first phase of clinical trials for the drug. The first trial demonstrated that this drug has a weak and short antidepressant effect.

Due to the unsatisfactory results of the first trial, further study of the antidepressant Dapoxetine properties was discontinued.

The effect of Dapoxetine on the duration of sexual intercourse was selected as a priority line for the second phase of the trial. The results of the second phase of Dapoxetine studies have demonstrated that this drug really helps improve control over ejaculation.

Successful results of the second study phase allowed the developer to continue further study of Dapoxetine properties.

Results of the third phase of clinical trials have shown that Dapoxetine helps increase the duration of sexual intercourse without causing serious side effects

Only 4% of the total number of men, who took part in Dapoxetine trial, had to discontinue PE treatment because of undesirable side reactions

In the absolute majority of men, Dapoxetine did not cause any side effects, or the adverse reactions were expressed poorly without causing any discomfort.

Dapoxetine was developed and studied for many years. Periodically, the rights to develop and commercialize the drug for the PE treatment were transferred from one company to another.
Between 2001 and 2012, companies that were stated as owners of exclusive rights to Dapoxetine, included:






Johnson & Johnson



In 2017, the European owner of the rights to Dapoxetine is Menarini. Berlin-Chemie is indicated as the owner of the European marketing authorization for Dapoxetine.

It should be noted that Menarini owns exclusive rights to two different drugs for the male sexual dysfunction treatment: Dapoxetine and Avanafil.

Dapoxetine tablets are sold in Australia under the brand name Priligy

Avanafil tablets are available in Australia under the brand name Spedra

Priligy and Stendra are two key brands of Menarini Company. Based on these brands, Menarini managed to strengthen its positions in the international pharmaceutical market and create a real competition to other manufacturers of drugs for the treatment of male sexual dysfunction.

Where to buy Dapoxetine?

If you have signs of premature ejaculation (PE), and you want to start taking Dapoxetine pills, seek qualified advice from a urologist. After a medical examination and diagnostic tests, you can get a prescription for Dapoxetine 30mg or 60mg tablets.

In some countries (including USA, Canada), Dapoxetine drug is not available for sale.

  • It is impossible to find a drug for the PE treatment in the city pharmacy networks of these countries.

Therefore, many men have to order Dapoxetine pills without prescription on the online pharmacies.

Several dozens of Dapoxetine- based drugs are supplied to the international pharmaceutical market. However, some companies are producing a combination of drugs, which, in addition to Dapoxetine, contain active ingredients Sildenafil, Vardenafil or Tadalafil.

Tablets and capsules that contain additional active ingredient in addition to Dapoxetine are used to improve the quality of erection and increase sexual stamina.

Dapoxetine 30mg

Preparations that contain only Dapoxetine are available on the online pharmacies under the trademarks:
Vipro Power X

Dapoxetine 60mg

Combined products that contain Dapoxetine and an additional ingredient are commercially available under the brand names:
Super Vikalis
Suhagra Force
Super Tadarise
Super Fildena
Super Vilitra
Viprogra Super-X
Sextreme Power XL

Please note that all drugs for the treatment of male sexual dysfunction have contraindications. Before you buy Dapoxetine without a prescription, carefully read the reliable information about this drug.

If oral Dapoxetine tablets or capsules for the PE treatment are contraindicated to you, consider the use of alternative methods to increase sexual stamina.