Development and production of generics for the erectile dysfunction treatment

Within 10-15 years after the launch of original medicine sales, it is protected from competition by an exclusive patent.

However, due to the imperfection of international patent regulations and unfair competition, generics appear on the market before the proprietary medicine loses its patent protection.


Many pharmaceutical companies start developing a generic drug almost immediately after the sale of a new, patented drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

The development of a generic drug begins with the study of the active ingredient that the original medicine contains.

After finishing the research, the generic manufacturer creates exactly the same pharmaceutical ingredient:

With the same molecular formula
With the same therapeutic properties.

Having “copied” the active ingredient, the manufacturer of a generic tests its efficacy and safety, and then uses this ingredient to produce finished dosage forms (tablets / capsules for the erectile dysfunction treatment).

Generic and branded medicines that contain the same active ingredient have an identical therapeutic effect, and should be used in the same dosage for treatment of erectile dysfunction.

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