Erectile dysfunction diagnosis and treatment

Erectile dysfunction (erectile dysfunction) is the most common type of male sexual dysfunction. Statistics shows that symptoms and signs of erectile dysfunction occur approximately in:

  • 20% of men from 20 to 30 years old
  • 30% of men from 30 to 40 years old
  • 50% of men from 40 to 50 years old
  • 55% of men over 50 years of age

By etiological classification, erectile dysfunction is divided into:

  • 20 to 30 years old
  • 30 to 40 years old
  • 40 to 50 years old
  • 50 years of age

Psychological – a man is able to get erection, but under the influence of stress can suddenly lose it.

Organic – ability to achieve and maintain a firm erection is lost completely.

In approximately every fifth man, erection problems are caused by emotional stress.

Risk factors for psychological erectile dysfunction are:

  • depression
  • overwork
  • sexual fears
  • religious prejudice.

Organic form of erectile dysfunction is diagnosed in 4 out of 5 men, which can be caused by various chronic diseases, including:

Degenerative (Peyronie's disease)
Endocrine (hyperthyroidism, hypogonadism)
Systemic (diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis)
Neurological (spinal cord injury).

In addition, a risk factor for organic erectile dysfunction is unhealthy lifestyle: alcohol or drug abuse, smoking, low physical activity.

Erectile dysfunction is successfully treated. Therefore, men, who have erection problems, do not necessarily give up active sex life.

To maintain a good sexual health, it is very important to diagnose causes of erectile dysfunction and immediately begin their treatment. In order to establish the exact cause of erectile dysfunction, a medical examination is required.

Diagnostic tests help identify the risk factors that contribute to development of organic, psychogenic or mixed form of erectile dysfunction.

Depending on the etiology, type and severity of erectile dysfunction, the therapist can prescribe:

1. Psychotherapy
2. Drug therapy.

Psychologist’s consultations are recommended for men who need to overcome fears, to increase self-confidence and improve relationships with the sexual partner.

Simultaneously with psychotherapy, the man can be prescribed with oral or injection therapy for erectile dysfunction, which guarantees restoration of sexual function and helps quickly return to active sexual life.