Idilico Sildenafil PillsIdilico is one of the most popular and affordable Viagra analogues in Europe

This drug to improve sexual function in men was approved for wholesale and retail sale on the European pharmaceutical market in August 2011.

The manufacturer of Idilico is a Spanish pharmaceutical company Liconsa. To date, a company Evolan has the right to supply this medicine on the European market.


There are several criteria that will help you to find out the original Idilico when buying it:

This drug is released in the form of rhomboid blue film-coated tablets.
Depending on the dose of active substance Sildenafil, Idilico tablets imprinted with "25", "50" or "100".
It is possible to buy Idilico in blister packs containing 4, 8 or 12 tablets at European pharmacies.

This powerful drug for treatment of sexual dysfunction is prescribed to men over 18 years old. Idilico is supplied to the markets of such EU member states, as the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Austria.

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