Invicorp (Aviptadil) Injections for erectile dysfunctionInvicorp is a new injectable drug, approved for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Solution for injection Invicorp is sold in Europe since 2015. The European supplier of the new drug for the erectile dysfunction treatment is Evolan Pharma AB.

Invicorp differs from other injectable drugs for male potency enhancement by the fact that it comprises two active ingredients:

1. Aviptadil

2. Phentolamine

Each of these ingredients alone has no effect on the male sexual function. But the combined impact of Aviptadil and Phentolamine over the cavernous tissue of the penis allows to quickly restore the ability to achieve and maintain an erection.

Just like other injectable medications for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (including Caverject), Invicorp can be used:

Not more than 1 time per day.

Not more than 3 times a week.

Failure to comply with the recommended frequency of Invicorp use increases the risk of severe adverse reactions, including priapism.

Invicorp injection should be administered in the cavernous tissue, and avoid inadvertent intravenous administration of the drug. To learn how to take Invicorp, you need to administer the first injections in the presence of a doctor.

The maximum duration of Invicorp effect is about 60 minutes. The ability to achieve and maintain an erection of the penis rigidity is lost in an hour after the administration of a single Invicorp dose.

Two key disadvantages of Invicorp injections are:

  1. Short duration of action
  2. Impossibility of daily use

Two key advantages of Invicorp are:

  1. Recovery of erection regardless of the erectile dysfunction cause
  2. High efficiency in the treatment of severe erectile dysfunction

Despite the fact that Invicorp drug has a small list of contraindications for use, only men, who can not use oral method of erectile function recovery, can get a prescription for Invicorp.

When the injection erectile dysfunction therapy is the only path to an active sex life, Invicorp can be a real solution for sexual problems.If conventional tablets or capsules for the treatment of erectile dysfunction are contraindicated to you, discuss with your doctor the possibility of using the injection method of sexual dysfunction treatment.

It is possible that after a consultation with your doctor, you will get a prescription for Invicorp, Caverject, Androskat or other injections, approved for the erectile dysfunction treatment in your country of residence.

Invicorp (Adaptivil/Phentolamine mesylate)


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