Levitra is an oral tablet, which stands at the third position in the ranking of best medicines for the treatment of male sexual dysfunction. In 2017, Levitra pills are sold in almost every country of the world, including Australia.

In the period of 2010 to 2013, only conventional Levitra tablets were available on the international market

In September 2010, a new dosage form of Levitra went on sale, which is the orally dispersible tablets

New Levitra works the same, as the conventional tablets, yet it has two important advantages. Since orally dispersible Levitra tablets dissolve in your mouth:

You do not need water to wash them down – so you can take them without letting your sexual partner notice it.

They get into your stomach in form of solution, so they do not cause gastrointestinal side effects.

The composition of new Levitra includes a sweetener, which masks the bitter taste of the active ingredient Vardenafil, and makes pills for erectile dysfunction treatment taste like simple candy.

Dosage of the active substance Vardenafil in one Levitra pill is indicated in milligrams (mg). In 2017, the pharmaceutical market can offer you:

  • Conventional Levitra tablets of 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg.
  • Orally dispersible Levitra tablets of 10mg.

Men who plan on taking Levitra for the first time, can buy a package that contains only one tablet for the erectile dysfunction treatment. A single dose Levitra pack is convenient for those men, who want to make sure that these tablets for the treatment of erectile dysfunction:

  • really work
  • cause no side effects.

Once you make sure that this drug helps to quickly and safely restore your erectile function, you can buy a large pack of Levitra that provides enough pills for a few months of treatment.

Efficacy and safety of Levitra:

  • are proven by the results of preclinical and clinical studies.
  • are confirmed by the members of Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

The results of post-marketing observations show that Levitra helps to successfully treat different types of erectile dysfunction at any age, including simultaneously with the treatment of other diseases.

Levitra tablets have virtually no contraindications. Yet, before you take the first dose of this medication, you must thoroughly read the leaflet.

If you plan to buy Levitra online, read the electronic version of the leaflet for this product right now.
Information about Levitra is available in different languages, including English.

Leaflets for Levitra tablets (for consumers and professionals)

How does Levitra work?

The action mechanism of Levitra (Vardenafil) is based on the increase of blood flow to the penis. Because Levitra pills improve the hemodynamics in cavernous tissue of the penis, men manage to get an erection, sufficient to begin and successful complete a sexual intercourse.

Levitra tablets begin working within 30-60 minutes after the administration. However, the manufacturer recommends taking them at least 1 hour before the planned sexual activity.

The Australian manufacturer and supplier of Levitra is Bayer. Even before the launch of Levitra sales in Australia, Bayer assumed that it will be able to compete successfully with other manufacturers of drugs for the erectile dysfunction treatment, such as:

LillyLilly (manufacturer of Cialis)

PfizerPfizer (manufacturer of Viagra)

Despite the fact that Levitra works just like Viagra and Cialis do, Bayer Company failed to conquer Australian market of drugs for the erectile dysfunction treatment. Today, the global sales of Levitra amount to about 110 million USD. This figure is only 5% of the global sales of the absolute market leader – Cialis tablets.

  • Levitra sales are down, and the trend of decline will increase after the appearance of the first Levitra generics in Australia. If Bayer Company and its partners fail to stimulate the sales growth of original Levitra pills, the competitive pressure from generics can force Bayer to stop the production of its drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

A key partner of Bayer is GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). In 2005, Bayer and GSK companies reached an agreement to jointly commercialize Levitra tablets. Under the terms of the agreement, GSK received exclusive rights for the supply of Levitra in more than 20 countries worldwide.

  • It should be noted that Bayer sells Levitra counterparts under different trademarks many years in a row.
  • In the US, a 100% Levitra analogue is sold under the brand Staxyn, and in Europe – under the brand name Vivanza.

Levitra generics (analogs) that contain the active ingredient Vardenafil, are produced not only by Bayer, but by other pharmaceutical companies, as well. Until 2018, Levitra formula is protected by a patent, so the access of generics to Australia market is still closed.

Today, the only place where men can buy Levitra generics is an online pharmacy. However, in 2018-2019, cheap Levitra generics will appear in every Australian drugstore. Therefore, they will be available for purchase and use for the erectile dysfunction treatment not only by the online pharmacies visitors, but by every man, who can get a prescription for them.

As long as Levitra is sold in Australia only on prescription, men who are not willing to discuss their sexual dysfunction with their doctor will continue ordering their delivery on the Internet.

It only takes a few minutes to buy Levitra without prescription. Therefore, when they have to choose between a waste of time and money for doctor’s consultation and the online purchase of Levitra pills, 90% of men choose online drugstores.