Libido is a conscious or unintentional sexual desire, the level of which is difficult to measure. But such problem, as the loss of libido, does exist and is being actively studied today. Throughout life, the level of sexual activity in men can vary.

Periods of high sexual activity usually coincide with the periods of highest libido level.

Periods of loss of interest in sex may indicate that the male’s libido level has declined.

Periodic reduction and increase in libido is a normal phenomenon that can occur both in young and healthy men and in elderly men with chronic diseases.

The main sign of a low libido is a constant lack of desire to have sex – without objective reasons. At that, low libido should be perceived as a male sexual disorder only if, due to changes in libido, man experiences emotional discomfort.

According to some studies, loss of libido is a common disorder. The main symptom of low libido – lack of sexual response- is observed in approximately:

20% of men
33% of women

Low libido is a serious sexual problem that can be solved through many effective ways and methods. To increase their sexual desire, man or woman need to find the cause of their decreased libido.

If the lack of attraction to a sexual partner is caused by chronic stress, increasing your libido requires spending more time for sleep and rest, and trying to reduce the impact of psychological risk factors on your sexual life

More often, with stress and depression kill sex drive in men who:

  • have little rest and poor sleep quality;
  • abuse smoking and alcohol;
  • lead a sedentary lifestyle;
  • dedicate little to no time to physical activity.

In addition, the cause of low libido can be:

Androgen deficiency or low testosterone level

Use of antihypertensive drugs or antidepressants

If the libido change is not linked to the use of drugs or chronic diseases, you can try the following to enhance your sexual desire:

Increase the time of foreplay

Change sex position

Use sex toys

Implement sexual fantasies

Abandon smoking

Limit alcohol consumption

It is difficult for women and men to determine the cause of libido decline on their own. It is especially difficult to do so in cases, where psychological risk factors combine with chronic diseases.

If there are no apparent reasons for the libido decline, yet the sexual attraction to the partner is absent, men can always consult a sexologist or sex health therapist, who will help him to:

  • Determine the cause of low sexual activity
  • Find the easiest way to solve sexual problems
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