Low prices for high-quality generics

The key advantage of generics over original medicines lies in their lower cost. The analysis of the drug market for the treatment of erectile dysfunction demonstrates that price for a generic may be 20-80% lower than the price of an original drug.

The high cost of branded drugs is due to the fact that their invention, development, preclinical/clinical research, and marketing require large investments of human resources and financial capital.

Pharmaceutical companies that “copy” the original medicine do not need to make any investments in its invention and years of research. Therefore, the cost of generics is always lower, than the cost of branded drugs.

Because of the low awareness of “What are generics?” some men are prejudiced about their low quality. Therefore, they prefer to buy expensive branded medicines to treat erectile dysfunction, even when their cheaper generic versions are available in pharmacies.

Most often, buyers of cheap generic drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction are men:

Who are not willing to spend up to $ 30 for a single dose of the original Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Priligy, or Stendra
For whom private and public health insurance programs are not available.

Initially, generics are only sold in developing countries, in which patent law does not protect the commercial interests of the original medicines developers.

Then, the manufacturers of generic enter into commercial agreements with online pharmacies that export inexpensive tablets and capsules to treat erectile dysfunction in dozens of countries around the world.

In developed countries, sales of certified generics begin only after the original medicine loses patent protection. But, taking into account the fact that the analogues of original products can be easily found on the Internet, visitors of the online pharmacies have access to affordable generics to treat erectile dysfunction before they appear in the local pharmacies.

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