How do men regard casual sex?

casual sex

Almost every man wonders “Why women do not want to have sex on the first date?” At that, men, who asks this question, have a different attitude towards sex without a romantic relationship, and not all of them strive to have it.

In turn, many women are convinced that men want to get only physical pleasure from sex. However, this assumption is one of the myths about sex, which is not supported by real life.

According to statistics:

Only 80% of men and 65% of women get physical and emotional satisfaction from casual sex.

Only 30% of men and 5% of women regret the missed opportunity to have sex with a casual partner.

Despite the fact that not every man gets satisfaction from casual sex, almost everyone wants to have it to:

  • Diversify sexual life.
  • Increase their libidoand self-esteem.
  • Avoid unwanted emotional attachment.
  • Get sexual pleasure without mutual obligations.

Men are more likely to seek sexual activity without a romantic relationship compared to women, because they are:

  • More prone to risk and impulsive decisions.
  • Less inclined to worry about unwanted pregnancy.

Men are programmed by nature to produce as many offspring as possible. Therefore, the desire for frequent sex, including casual, is a normal thing.

On the other hand, women may give birth to a limited number of children, so they are programmed to worry about the reliability of their sexual partners, and not anout their amount.

casual sex for men

At the same time, regardless of the reasons why men and women have sex, they tend to get an orgasm from sex. Although, in contrast to men, who get sexual satisfaction relatively quickly and easily, women reach orgasm much less.

Perhaps, it is because of the lack of orgasm that some women refuse sex on a first date and are strongly opposed to spontaneous sexual relations.

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