Why do men stop having sex?

men stop having sex

Short lack of sex has no negative effect over the male health. However, when men are not interested in sex for a long time, this may have an impact over his sex life and overall health.

There are three main reasons, because of which men refuse to have sex.

Emotional stress

Misunderstanding with the partner

Erection problems

Temporary or permanent

Low libido

Hormonal disorders

If a man refuses to have sex for several reasons at once, he would need to invest a lot of time and efforts to improve his sex life.

1. Erection problems

Erectile dysfunction is the most frequent cause, due to which men no longer have sex. A man may lose the ability to achieve a hard erection due to various risk factors, including:

Emotional stress

High Blood Pressure

Type 2 diabetes

Obesity or overweight

When erection problems occur regularly or constantly, fear of failure becomes an insurmountable barrier to a normal sex life. Therefore, men who want to restore their normal sexual activity need to find and solve the cause of erection problems as soon as possible.

2. Hormonal problems

Hormonal balance, especially the level of testosterone in men, largely determines:

  • Male sexual orientation
  • His sexual behavior
  • His reproductive ability

Decreased testosterone levels manifest through reduced libido, orgasm worsening and erectile dysfunction. In addition, low testosterone level may worsen the quality of semen and result in male infertility.

Men with low testosterone levels – may lose interest in sexual partner.

Men with excessively high levels of testosterone – can become oversexed and even aggressive in bed.

If a man began to notice that he no longer enjoys sex and began avoiding contact with his sexual partner, the measurement of testosterone levels and other diagnostic tests will help find out the real cause for the loss of interest in sex.

If the hormone level is normal, the problem of lack of interest in sex can be associated with adverse reactions to medicines that the man uses.

3. Side effects

There are many drugs that cause erectile dysfunction or other sexual problems. The most common ones are:

  • Antidepressants
  • Antihypertensive drugs
  • Opioid analgesics
  • Antipsychotics
  • Sleeping Pills

The mechanism of erectile dysfunction development under the drugs use is related to their properties:

Decrease in the synthesis of male hormones

Impact on the central nervous system

Change in vascular resistance

If libido or erection problems are a side effect of medications, it is an unpleasant, yet not the worst news.

The side effects of drugs are reversible, i.e. disappear after the treatment discontinuation. In addition, reducing the dose or substituting one drug for another will reduce the risks of side effects.

Psychological disorders or nerve damage may constitute other reasons, for which men lose interest in sex.

no sex

If you have a low sexual desire, do not leave this issue for later. Within the shortest possible time, consult with a sexologist, who will advise you how to become more sexually active.

If need be, your doctor will prescribe tablets for the erectile dysfunction treatment or medications for increasing testosterone levels. If it turns out that the erectile dysfunction is a symptom of another disease, your doctor may prescribe a treatment for this disease together with the treatment of the erectile problems.

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