Myths about sex

There are many myths about sex that have nothing to do with reality. Myths only appear because people want to believe in them. At the same time, some myths appear and disappear, while some live for many years and decades.

Myth 1
More trust - better sex

Many sex couples are convinced that emotional intimacy is the only guarantee of a good sex. However, the absolute majority of men can get satisfaction from sex even in the absence of emotional intimacy.

Therefore, men are more open to casual sexual relations and do not need emotional attachment to a partner to achieve a quality orgasm.

More trust - better sex

Myth 2
Bad mood - bad sex

There is a fairly persistent myth that good sex is impossible without a good mood. However, those who believe in this myth take no account of the fact that during the sexual arousal, our body produces the so-called “Hormones of Happiness”, which improve mood.

Therefore, even if the partners began having sex while being in a bad mood, their mood will improve during sex, and as a result – they will certainly be able to achieve a high level of sexual satisfaction.

Bad mood - bad sex

Myth 3
Masturbation harms health

Some men and women have a negative attitude to self-satisfaction and believe that masturbation is bad for their mental and sexual health. Incredible legends are built around this myth, including allegations that masturbation can cause erectile dysfunction.

Not many men are believers in this myth, and the amount of those who do believe in it is getting smaller every year. Doctors say that masturbation is a normal phenomenon that can benefit health. Therefore, men and women should not give up masturbation, especially those people, who do not have a regular sexual partner.

Masturbation harms health

Myth 4
A small penis means a bad lover

The size of the penis plays a huge role in the self-esteem of men, but practically does not affect the quality of their sex life.

Men with a small penis and a vast sexual experience can be wonderful lovers and bring their partner to an orgasm each time.

At that, there exist men with a big penis, who have sex only a few times a month, and may not know how to bring a woman to orgasm and how to make her truly happy in bed.

A small penis means a bad lover

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