priligy 30mg and 60mg

Priligy is an oral drug used to increase the duration of a sexual intercourse. Just a single Priligy pill is enough to let the man enjoy sexual activity as long as possible.

If you are not satisfied with the fact that your sexual intercourse lasts only 1-2 minutes, take Priligy and your sexual stamina will increase by several times.

Priligy is the easiest and most convenient way to increase sexual activity of both sexual partners. Start taking Priligy and get maximum satisfaction from your sexual life.

Priligy efficacy and safety are confirmed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Therefore, the positive reviews about this drug are a reality, and not a myth. Successful clinical trials have shown that Priligy:

Significantly increases the duration of sexual intercourses

Does not cause addiction and drug dependence

Retail Priligy sales started in the first half of 2009. In less than 10 years, Priligy has taken a leading position in the market of medicines for the treatment of male sexual dysfunction, and its popularity keeps growing among men.

For the treatment of premature ejaculation (PE), you can use:

The minimum Priligy dose of 30mg

Priligy 60 mg

The maximum Priligy dose of 60mg

Treatment of premature ejaculation can be prescribed to both young men over 18 years old and mature men no older than 64 years. Other age groups did not take part in Priligy trials. Therefore, this drug is not prescribed to men younger than 18 and older than 64 years of age.

Priligy tablets do not cause serious side effects, yet they can be contraindicated in some men. Due to the presence of contraindications, this drug is sold in Australia by prescription only.

To get a prescription for Priligy, you should consult a urologist and go through diagnostic tests. If you want to start PE treatment without consulting a doctor, you can order Priligy tablets on an online pharmacy.

Before you place your order, carefully read the reliable information about Priligy and make sure that this drug will not create potential risks to your health.

Information about Priligy for consumers and professionals is available in different languages, including English. Learn more about the best drug for the treatment of PE.

Making sure that you do not have contraindications to Priligy, you can order these pills online in just a few minutes. For further information on the treatment of premature ejaculation, ask your questions to the online pharmacy pharmacist.

Manufacturers and suppliers

Janssen Cilag

Priligy 30 mg and 60 mg pills are manufactured by the pharmaceutical companies Janssen Cilag and Menarini.


The owner of the marketing authorization for Priligy in Australia is the Menarini.

Australian drugstores sell packs that contain 3, and 6 Priligy tablets. Original pills are only available in blister packs.

Priligy 30mg and 60mgThe composition of each Priligy 30mg or 60mg tablet includes the active ingredient Dapoxetine. The molecular formula of this ingredient is patented. Since 2012, the exclusive owner of the patent for Dapoxetine and Priligy brand owner is Menarini Group.

Despite the fact that exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute Priligy (Dapoxetine) belongs to Menarini, several dozen pharmaceutical companies have already established the production and sale of generic versions (analogues) of Priligy.

In 2017, a dominant position on the market of Priligy generics is taken by Indian and Argentinean pharmaceutical companies, such as:


Priligy generics are marketed under various brand names, such as:

SD Pill

First Priligy generics will appeared in Australia in 5-7 years. Therefore, the online pharmacies remain the best place to buy them in the medium term.
The advantage of generics over the original Priligy pills is that generic drugs cost several times cheaper.

Manufacturers of generic drugs did not invest money in the development and study of the molecular formula of the active ingredient Dapoxetine.

Therefore, the cost of generic Priligy doesn’t include costs, associated with long-lasting and costly laboratory, preclinical and clinical Dapoxetine trials.

If you refrain from the treatment of premature ejaculation (PE) only because the original Priligy pills are expensive, order their generic versions on an online pharmacy.

Order Priligy or a Priligy generic without a prescription only if you are not contraindicated Dapoxetine-based drugs. If the oral treatment method of PE is contraindicated to you, consider the use of alternative methods to increase the duration of sexual intercourse.