Psychotherapy for erectile dysfunction


Psychotherapy as a method of the erectile dysfunction treatment

Psychotherapy is one of the auxiliary methods of treating the erectile dysfunction.

To restore male potency in stress, depression or the syndrome of anxious expectation of sexual failure, the following methods of psychological counseling are prescribed:

  • Psychoeducation
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Family and/or group psychotherapy.

Psychoeducation is one of the most common methods of erectile dysfunction psychotherapy. It helps men learn plenty of useful information about the role and significance of an active sexual life, as well as about the function and anatomy of their genitals.

The knowledge, gained by a man during the course of psychoeducation, helps to better and deeply know himself and his body, and eliminate risk factors for psychogenic erectile dysfunction, including embarrassment due to the anatomical shape or size of the penis.

Psychoeducation is an effective treatment method for erectile dysfunction of any etiology, as one of its purposes is to inform the man about the importance of the correct use of drugs for restoring potency. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is the preferred method of treatment and prevention of potency disorders.

This is the most suitable method of erectile dysfunction psychotherapy for men, who:

Experience potential consequences of an inability to obtain and/or maintain an erection
Have negative obsessive thoughts, associated with the inability to lead an active sex life and satisfy his partner.

The main goal of cognitive-behavioral therapy of erectile dysfunction is the restoration of erectile function. This method of psychotherapy helps eliminate the personal risk factors of this androgenic disease in a man, such as lack of self-esteem, depression or guilt towards a sexual partner.

Family psychotherapy is aimed at restoring the erectile function of a man by improving the relationship with his sexual partner.

This method of erectile dysfunction psychotherapy helps a man and his partner to:

  • Eliminate interpersonal, emotional or family problems
  • Improve psychological or physical intimacy
  • Bring harmony back to sexual relations.


To quickly restore the ability of achieving an erection, psychotherapy is prescribed in conjunction with surgical procedures or drugs for the erectile dysfunction treatment. Psychotherapy helps eliminate risk factors for psychogenic erectile dysfunction and prevent the recurrence of potency disorders.