How to rekindle your partner’s sexual desire?

Sexual Desire

Lack of sexual passion is one of the most frequent companions of long-term family or extramarital sexual relations. The longer married or unmarried couples live together, the more difficult it gets to remain as sexually active as they were during the first months of their life together.

To maintain healthy sexual relations, partners need to create a deep emotional connection.

At the same time, the initiator of intensification of interpersonal relations can be both woman and man:

  • It is noteworthy that most men view sex as a way to relieve sexual and emotional stress

  • Women tend to use sex primarily to demonstrate the sincerity of their feelings and sexual faithfulness to their partner.

Despite the fact that the frequency of sexual acts is not the most important indicator of healthy sexual relations, couples who regularly have sex are much happier than couples who abstain from intimacy for a long time.

Men and women who want to maintain and enhance mutual sexual interest can take a few simple steps that will fill their sex life with new emotions.

1. Erotic fantasies

Partners who want to improve the quality of sexual relations should necessarily tell each other about their sexual fantasies. Discussion of erotic fantasies and sexual experiments will:

  • Wake up the latent sexual energy

  • Help you learn more about the sexual preferences of your partner

  • Discover new aspects of sexual relations.

2. Regular physical activity

Fitness and sports are the best ways to increase libido without drugs.

First, the levels of “sexual hormones” and “pleasure hormones” increase in your body during intense physical activity. Therefore, physically active men and women very quickly reach sexual arousal and get the maximum satisfaction from an orgasm.
Second, exercise helps to increase muscle strength, endurance, and body flexibility, as well as increase blood flow to the genitals. Therefore, physically stronger men and women find it easy to experiment with new sexual positions and learn new ways to achieve an orgasm.
Third, women gain a slender figure, and men build muscle through regular exercise. Therefore, exercise is the best way to keep sex appeal without expensive plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures.

3. Erotic Massage

Sensual massage of erogenous zones is the best prelude to unrestrained sex and the fastest way to kindle sexual passion. At that, the erotic massage should not be limited only to sexual stimulation of male or female genitalia.

After all, gentle strokes and gentle touches to the chest, inner thigh, or earlobe excite women just as much, as a direct stimulation of the clitoris.
If a woman possesses the technique of sexual massage, she can help her man prevent premature ejaculation and increase the duration of his orgasm by several times.

4. Romance

Sincere emotional and sexual passion is impossible without a successful romantic relationship. Therefore, sexual partners who want to get a chance to become truly happy should find time and desire for romantic dates.

Romance Package

Romantic candlelit dinner will certainly end with passionate embraces, hot kisses and uninterrupted sex all night long. The next day after a successful romantic date will certainly begin with morning sex, which will charge partners with positive emotions, give new strength and vitality for the entire day.

5. Experience

Men and women of mature age have one important advantage over younger partners. This advantage lies in a great sexual experience.

Old Sexual PartnersAdult people are more emancipated and are capable of talking on candid topics. But when sexual partners live together for many years, their sexual energy gradually fades.

At that, mature men and women remain faithful to each other, but are subconsciously ready for casual sex and imagine younger partners in their sexual fantasies.

When mature partners cease to get sexual pleasure from intimate relationships, they can and should use their experience to harmonize sexual energy.

After all, they learnt well during long years of sexual relations all secrets how to reach the most acute sexual sensations and how to bring their partner to an orgasm.

To rekindle the sexual passion that has long faded away, it is necessary to take steps towards sexual intimacy, and always remember that harmonious sexual relations help improve the quality of life and help sexual partners redeem their youth.