Six advantages of long-term relationships


Long-term sexual relations are better in all aspects. In this case, sex is perceived as an excellent component of the relationship and gives a lot of pleasure to both partners.

Why is it so? The answer is simple: sex life is more qualitative and the feelings are stronger in partners who have long been together. A stronger and more sincere connection is established between these people.

1. Time and relationships

It takes time for partners to understand each other better and to achieve good sex. Studies show that couples that consist in the relationship of 15 or more years have better sex.

Free sexual relations differ from prolonged sexual relations by the lack of tenderness towards the partner. Psychologists state that when there are no mutual obligations between sexual partners, such relationship does not last for long.

Accordingly, only long-term relationship can give partners proximity and stability, confidence and mutual understanding.

2. No need to be always on the top

Long-term relationship does not cause experiences related to the penis size or not very attractive figure comparing to one-night relationship.

Constant tension and experiences about appearance or potency do not allow to relax during sex and completely trust your partner that affects quality of sexual life.

When partners manage to overcome emotions and worries, they can focus on their sexual feelings and get the maximum pleasure from intimacy.

A full sex life is a guarantee of not only harmonious and strong relationships between partners, but also their physical health. It is believed that faithful spouses, losing in the number of partners, win in quality of sexual relationship.

3. The ability to experiment

Unfortunately, not everyone can quickly learn to understand the partner’s desires. Most people can frankly talk about sex only with the person with whom a trusting relationship has already been established.

Constant relationship provides that level of trust that allows to open up without fear of condemnation and misunderstanding. The more sexual partners trust each other, the easier it is for them to take a step towards new sexual discoveries.

Women, as a rule, are more capable of experimenting with men they have a deep connection. This is one of the reasons that sex is better in long-term relationship.

4. The ability to have “quickie”

Usually, when you have sex already hundreds of times, each new intimacy ceases to be as exciting as in the first months after the beginning of the relationship.

However, there are advantages in this: you can more easily treat to intimate relations and have sex when you want, without planning and inner mood.

Studies show that the greater the level of trust in sexual communication between partners, the more sexual satisfaction they get, including “quickie”.

5. Again as for the first time

When children appear, sexual relations change significantly. Partners lose the opportunity for spontaneous sex and they have fewer possibilities for sexual improvisation.

However, even after the child birth, there are advantages in sexual relations. Partners become more inventive, and look forward to the right moment in order to enjoy sex and each other’s company.

6. Genuine intimacy

Genuine intimacy involves not only sex, but also loyalty, trust, warm-heartedness and caring. It is possible only when two people are able to understand and accept each other as they are, without pretense and hypocrisy.

Long relationship allows to reveal your sexuality to the fullest and enjoy intimacy with your partner. When physical pleasure is inseparable from sensual affection, partners get the maximum pleasure from sex and life together.

When there is someone in the life, who is always ready to show understanding and care, this makes sex life more rhythmic, active, comfortable, and safe.