Spedra is a new drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Spedra works just like other drugs for the treatment of male sexual dysfunction, but it does have some important differences.

Second, Spedra causes side effects less frequent, compared to other tablets for erectile dysfunction the treatment.

In the long term, a fast effect onset and a very low risk of adverse reactions may trigger the growth of retail sales of Spedra. Yet today, this drug has a relatively high price, which completely eliminates its advantages over similar drugs.

The Australian pharmacies sell three Spedra doses of: 50mg, 100mg and 200mg.

When you use the maximum dose of 200mg, you achieved an erection quicker than from the intake of the medium or low dose of 100mg or 50mg

However, if you manage to restore erectile function with low Spedra doses, you do not need to use the highest dose of the drug

Spedra tablets are available in all major pharmacy chains, including pharmacies that sell drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction online. In the certified Australian online pharmacies, Spedra is sold only by prescription.

You can buy the pills for the treatment of erectile dysfunction without a prescription on the international online pharmacies. The online pharmacies offer the best prices for Spedra and take orders for their delivery to almost any country in the world.

It should be noted that you can find not only original Spedra tablets on the Internet, but their generic versions, as well. The Australian authorized pharmacies do not sell Spedra generics.

But you can order them online in just a few minutes, if you wish.

Spedra Generics are sold under various brand names, including:

Sai –Avana

Manufacturers of Spedra generics are such companies, as:

Samok Overseas
Sunrise Remedies
Sai Balaji Pharma
Signature Pharma

Spedra generics are sold on the online pharmacies without a prescription. But if you have contraindications to their use, you should choose other drugs for the erectile dysfunction treatment to increase potency.

As an alternative to Spedra, you can use drugs:

With the same mechanism of action - Viagra, Levitra, Cialis.
With a different mechanism of action - Caverject, Invicorp, Uprima.

To get a reliable information on contraindications and side effects of Spedra, please read the leaflet for consumers or professionals.

Right now, you can find a leaflet for Spedra in your communication language (read the leaflet in English).

Spedra 50 100 200mg

The Australian supplier of Spedra is Menarini. The company acquired the rights to commercialize Spedra (Avanafil) tablets in Australia from the company Vivus.

In United States, Spedra tablets are not available for sale, yet you can find their 100% analogue in the US, under the name Stendra.

Spedra and Stendra are bioequivalent formulations for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, which differ only by the tradename.

Both of these drugs are produced in form of tablets that contain 50mg, 100mg or 200mg of the active ingredient Avanafil.

Spedra brand is known mainly in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

Exclusive rights for Avanafil formula and Spedra/Stendra brands belong to Vivus. This company has several partners, who promote Avanafil-containing medicines in the international market.