Surgical treatment of erectile dysfunction

Surgical Management of Erectile Dysfunction

Surgical procedures help to quickly restore the potency in men with organic erectile dysfunction.

At present, popular methods of surgical erectile dysfunction treatment are:

  • Prosthesis of the penis

  • Revascularization of the penis.

Prosthetic penis is currently the most popular surgical treatment method of erectile dysfunction, caused by cavernous fibrosis or anatomical deformation of male genitalia.

Semi-rigid, inflatable silicone or multicomponent prosthesis implants are used for the prosthesis of the penis. They are implanted into the cavernous body, and help get a firm, prolonged erection, required for a full sexual intercourse.

Penis revascularization refers to the most effective surgical methods for treating vasculogenic or posttraumatic arteriogenic erectile dysfunction in adults or young men.

There are several methods of revascularization of the penis, including:

  • Deep vein ligation

  • Arterial bypass

  • Removal of the dorsal vein.

These surgical erectile dysfunction treatment methods help increase the circulation of blood in penile tissues and inhibit the outflow of blood from the penis. Thus, revascularization of the penis helps restore a man’s ability to achieve or maintain an erection.

Surgical procedures are an effective method of restoring potency in men, who don’t respond to other methods of the erectile dysfunction treatment, including pharmaco- or psychotherapy.