Sustinex: Effective drug to delay ejaculation

Sustinex is intended to solve one of the most common sexual problems in men – premature ejaculation. Sustinex is not sold in Australia, but you can buy it on online pharmacy.

Sustinex is one of the drugs based on Dapoxetine. At Australian pharmacies, such drug is sold under the trademark Priligy.

Each Sustinex tablet may contain 30, 60 or 90 mg of active ingredient Dapoxetine

Sustinex 30mg

Sustinex tablets are packed in blister and cardboard box.

A box contains 10 Sustinex blister packs of 6 tablets each.

Emcure PharmaceuticalsSustinex is manufactured by an Indian company Emcure Pharmaceuticals. Price of 6 Sustinex tablets makes $ 1 to $ 3. Price depends on the amount of active substance and may vary from pharmacy to pharmacy.

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