Three simple ways to become more sexually active

more sexually active

What place has sexual activity in every man’s life? Perhaps, one of the most important.

After all, sex extends life and imbues it with bright emotions,  unforgettable impressions and positive sensations.

In addition, sex gives men the opportunity to conceive a child and gives him a sense of joy in moments of sexual intimacy.

Well-being depends on how often man has sex. Surveys and studies have shown that the frequency of sex is inextricably linked to:

  • Happiness.
  • Health.
  • Social status.

It is important that sexual life is not just a ritual, but also brings joy.

Sexual activity is regulated by hormones and supported by the work of the cardiovascular system. Therefore, the maintenance of a normal hormone profile and vascular health throughout a man’s life is a pledge that his sexual function will not go out before great age.

1. Dedicate more time to physical activity

The first recommendation is that you need to revise your weekly schedule of physical activity. Adequate physical activity is needed for a normal functioning of the adrenal glands, prostate and other organs, which produce hormones. It is important that it is regular.

Physical activity and regular exercise allow to:

Increase sexual activity and feel hotter

Maintain sexual activity in old age

Sex is an intense physical activity that requires endurance and strength. While men are training, their endurance and strength grow, opening up new opportunities for a variety of sexual positions that require greater physical control.

The absence of vigorous physical activity results not only in hormone secretion disruption, but also in premature aging of the cellular structure of internal organs. Therefore, to become more sexually active and improve your sex life, you need to increase the general level of physical activity during the week.

2. Eat healthy foods

The second way to become more sexually active involves improvement of your eating behavior and the consumption of foods that strengthen and increase potency.

For an efficient hormone production, you need to consume products that contain enough:

  • Proteins
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals

To improve health in general and reduce cardiometabolic risk in particular, you need to limit the consumption of:

  • Simple carbohydrates.
  • Harmful fats.

Blood vessels that are stuffed with saturated fat will impair the blood flow to the penis and cause erection problems (erectile dysfunction).

Healthy blood vessels are able to quickly dilate and provide a sufficient blood flow to the penis, allowing a firm erection for a normal sexual intercourse.

3. Manage your stress

The third way to become more sexually active implies normalization of your psychological well-being. If stress is something that bothers you from time to time, you need to minimize its causes. Severe stress is one of the main reasons for the decline in sexual activity.

Stress ruins your sex life faster than physical inactivity and unhealthy diet.

At the same time, sex is the most effective way to relieve stress, improve emotional state and mental health.

Men and women often use sex as a way to relieve stress. Sex, especially when frequent, can actually be one of the best methods of relaxation and recreation.

The problem is that stress can often spoil your desire for sexual intercourse. For example, worries about job or financial situation are a common reason that men refuse to have sex.

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