Is it necessary to turn off the lights in the bedroom before sex

Light on or off

Is it necessary to switch off the lights in the bedroom before sex?

It is exclusively a partners’ desire to switch off the lights in the bedroom before sex or not. As numerous polls show, women in their majority prefer to have sex in the dark, while men – in the light.

Why? Let us try to understand

The male brain is not indifferent to beauty, shape, desire and passion.


Communication, speech and affection are more important for the female brain.

It is well known that erotic stimulation of men through visual images and they primarily love with their eyes.

The male brain was created in such a way that he pays attention to the shape and appearance of his “object” first.

The woman’s appearance can awaken fantasy and make the man think about sex. Therefore, it is not surprising that erotic pictures have a strong influence over men and increase their libido.

Men like to pry and they are not hiding it.

Men want to have sex with the lights on because of their visual orientation.

This helps them to:

  • get additional erotic stimulation;
  • observe the partner’s emotional feelings and bring her the maximum pleasure;

Unlike men, women love with their ears. Every woman likes to hear compliments and to be admired by men. A woman always wants to look perfect, yet she does not always succeed.

To look perfect, women try to hide traces after epilation, pimples or uneven skin. Since the can not do this with the lights on, they constantly think about their shortcomings and how they look during sex.

Woman’s nervousness is transmitted to her partner. If this is the case, the best solution is to turn off the lights or darken the room.

Besides women, some men also prefer to have sex with the lights off. They believe that sex with the light off improves their intimate life. When one of the five senses disconnects, the others immediately intensify.

Darkness in the bedroom brings a special mystery to the love. It makes partners relax and focus on their own sensations. “Sex to the touch” helps to be fully liberated and enjoy a sexual act overcoming all constraints.

Whichever the case may be, the decision to have sex with the lights on or off should be made by both partners. The main thing is that sex brings joy and satisfaction to both partners.

Libido> libido
The maximum pleasure > More frequent orgasms in women.