Undeniable reasons for having sex

Undeniable reasons for having sex

Men have sex for various reasons. At that, the main motive for sex has always been, is and will be – obtaining sexual satisfaction and orgasm.

Men view sex not only as a way to satisfy sexual desires and fantasies, but as an integral part of love relationships, as well.

For hopeless romantics, loving relationships, harmony and emotional intimacy make up a nice reason to have sex every day.

Romantic men who love their partner are usually satisfied with their sex life and they find it easy to maintain good sexual relations.

Sexual pleasure is the most common reason for long-term intimate relationships and casual sex.

The very nature took care that sexual intimacy and the ability to conceive a child give men an indescribable sense of joy.

Sex is much more pleasant than the satisfaction of other human needs, such as for food, water or sleep. After all, sex helps extend man’s life and make him younger!

Frequent and regular intercourses increase the life expectancy of men.

Getting satisfaction from sex is an important factor for women’s longevity.

The relationship between sex and longevity is simple enough to see. The body of active men produces hormones that are required for the proper functioning of the internal organs and body systems.

  • Sex helps maintain a healthy hormonal balance in the male body, and thus provides a positive impact on their health, appearance and sex appeal.
  • Men who no longer have sex, often stop taking care of themselves, their appearance loses its former attraction, and they are of no interest to potential sexual partners.

Sex burns calories

Sex is one of ways to quickly burn calories. And this way of spending energy is much more pleasant than a treadmill and performing routine exercises in the gym.

Men burn about 100 calories during sex

During sexual intimacy, women burn about 70 calories

The rate of calories burning during sex is higher than that during walking. It may be different in some men and depends on:

  • Duration of sexual intercourse
  • Age
  • Body weight
  • Metabolism

Sex facilitates sleep onset and makes you smarter

Sex facilitates sleep

If you suffer from insomnia, remember how quickly you zonk out after sex. If you have a “cuddlesome sleeping aid” next to you in bed, use it. It’s much more fun than “counting sheep” or tossing for hours.

Sex has a significant impact on the brain. The more you have sex, the more dopamine your brain produces. This hormone activates brain function, helps to focus on different tasks and makes men more successful and intelligent.

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