Uprima tablets

Buy Uprima tablets for solving sexual problems

After intake of Uprima sublingual tablets, active ingredient Apomorphine rapidly reaches the maximum concentration in the blood plasma. Since the drug substance penetrates immediately into the bloodstream, stable erection occurs 20 minutes after the tablet.

The owner of a marketing authorization for Uprima is a pharmaceutical company Abbott. Blister packs contain two and four tablets of brick-red color with Abbott logo on one side.

Depending on a dose of the active ingredient, the tablets had different shapes and different markings:

  • Uprima 2 mg – pentagonal tablets marked with “2”
  • Uprima 3 mg – triangle tablets marked with “3”.

On May 28, 2006, after expiration of the marketing authorization, Abbott company decided to stop selling this drug in Europe. Sales of Uprima tablets were discontinued because the drug has not withstood competition on the pharmaceutical market with Cialis, Viagra and other drugs for erectile dysfunction.

Uprima tablets