Uprima is the drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (erectile dysfunction), which were available on sale in Europe for several years.

Supplier of Uprima tablets was the company Abbott Laboratories.

The company received a centralized European authorization for Uprima tablets in 2001. In just 5 years after the start of sales, Abbott has refused to extend the European authorization for Uprima, and this drug was withdrawn from the market.

In the period of 2001 to 2005, Uprima tablets of 2mg and 3mg were sold in Europe.
Another Uprima dose of 4mg was available on the international market.

In 2002, the cost of one 3mg Uprima tablet was approximately 10 euro. For comparison, Viagra 100mg was sold in 2002 at a price of about 12 euro per pill.

Despite the relatively low cost of Uprima tablets, Abbott company failed to make them a bestseller. A key reason for the unsuccessful launch of Uprima sales was their low efficiency.

Abbott voluntarily recalled Uprima drug from the European market, and, thus, admitted the defeat in the competition with the manufacturer of Viagra tablets.

Medical experts agree that the benefits of Uprima drug exceed its potential risks. However, they were not prescribing Uprima, and continued to prescribe more effective pills for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, Viagra.

Uprima drug had several distinctive features that made it differ from any other drug for the erectile dysfunction treatment

The first difference – pharmaceutical form and presentation.

Uprima drug was produced in the form of sublingual tablets that dissolve in the mouth within a few seconds. In the early 2000’s, Uprima were the only orally dispersible tablets for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

The second difference – fast effect.

Uprima tablets help restore an erection within 10-20 minutes after their intake (on average 18-19 minutes). Viagra tablets start working 30-60 minutes after the ingestion.

The third difference – the action mechanism.

Uprima helped achieve and maintain an erection by influencing the central nervous system. Viagra helps restore the ability to sexual activity by strengthening the blood flow to the penis.

The fourth difference – the effect duration.

The average duration of Uprima effect was approximately 2 hours. Viagra pills work at least 4 hours after the intake.

If we evaluate the efficiency of Uprima by the results of clinical trials, we can include it in the list of 10 best products for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.


However, the analyses of post-marketing study results brought the opposite conclusion. As it turned out, every second man, who was taking an Uprima dose of 2 mg or 3 mg was not able to achieve and maintain an erection sufficient for a successful sexual intercourse.

By increasing the dose of Uprima to 5 mg or 6 mg, the number of successful intercourse increased. At that, the frequency and severity of side effects also increased. Therefore, Uprima doses above 3mg were prescribed very rarely.

After numerous negative reviews about Uprima, doctors stopped prescribing this drug to men, and its sales began to decline in a fast pace. Gradually, Uprima tablets disappeared from the shelves of pharmacies, and today only health professionals remember about this drug.