Vacuum pumps: how to get an erection without pills

Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum Pumps for Erection

The use of erectile dysfunction vacuum pumps is one of popular non-invasive methods for restoring potency. Vacuum pumps help increase blood flow to the penis and thus help you get a strong erection quickly.

How does the vacuum erection device work?

The vacuum device for achieving an erection comprises a pump and a cylinder, in which a negative pressure is created:

  • To get an erection, you need to place the penis in the cylinder
  • Then, using a pump, a vacuum is created in the cylinder, which contributes to the flow of blood to the penis
  • Due to the increased inflow of blood to the cavernous tissues, the penis is filled with blood, and its size and volume rapidly increase.

The erectile dysfunction vacuum pumps are sold with special compression rings, which are placed on the base of the penis. These rings prevent premature outflow of blood from the penile artery, and thus help maintain an erection.

The device for vacuum therapy of erectile dysfunction helps not only to get a strong erection, but also to maintain the rigidity of the penis for about 30-60 minutes.

In retail, mechanical or automatic vacuum erectors are available that are supplied with a battery. Battery-operated vacuum pumps for obtaining erections are sold in sex shops and online stores that accept orders from any country of the world.

Devices for increasing the size of the penis are sold under different brands, such as:

  • Stallion
  • Encore Deluxe
  • ErecAid Esteem
  • Manual Erection System
  • Active Erection System NT
  • Rehabi Penile Vacuum Trainer (PVT).

Vacuum Pumps

The list of the most famous manufacturers of vacuum pumps for achieving erection includes such companies, as Osbon, Encore and Kessel Medintim.

For more information on using a vacuum pump to increase the size of the penis, read the leaflet that comes with the vacuum pump.