Vizarsin Sildenafilo

Vizarsin: dosage forms, dosage strengths, suppliers

Conventional tablets Vizarsin were approved by the EMA on September 21, 2009. Fast dissolving tablets for erectile dysfunction treatment began to be used three years later.

Depending on the dose of the active ingredient, white Vizarsin tablets have different markings:

  • Vizarsin 25 mg – marking “25”
  • Vizarsin 50 mg – marking “50”
  • Vizarsin 100 mg – marking “100”.

The Slovenian pharmaceutical company Krka is the supplier of Vizarsin in most European countries: Poland, Belgium, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Norway, Austria, France, Portugal and others.

VizarsinA company Qualia Pharma possesses exclusive rights to sell Vizarsin in Greece, Kern company – in Spain, Consilient Health company – in the UK.

Vizarsin is one of the numerous drugs based on Sildenafil used to increase potency.

Men can take usual or orodispersible tablets Vizarsin for erectile dysfunction treatment.

  • conventional tablets are sold of 1, 4, 8, or 12 pieces in each package;
  • fast dissolving tablets are sold in blister packs of 1, 2, 4, 8, 12 or 24 pieces in each pack.

After use of conventional tablets, erection is achieved in about 1 hour, while rapidly dissolving tablets provide a therapeutic effect 25-35 minutes after the administration.

Advantages of Vizarsin fast-dissolving tablets over conventional:

Rapid achievement of therapeutic effect
There is no need to chew or take them with water
The active ingredient gets into the blood without first pass metabolism through the liver.
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