What to do if you have erection problems

What to do if you have erection problems

What to do if you have erection problems

Erection is a complex physiological process that depends on many factors, including on:

Level of physical and chronic fatigue
Personal relationship to the sexual partner
Stress and emotional experiences
Presence of any diseases.

Problems with achieving or maintaining an erection may occur in every man, at any age.

In most men, erection problems occur very rare and do not require special treatment.

However, if erection problems occur regularly, this is a strong reason to consult an urologist, sex therapist, or psychotherapist.

A doctor’s consultation is required for those men whose erectile dysfunction is characterized by:

  • Insufficient penile rigidity
  • Impossibility of penis insertion into the vagina
  • Sudden disappearance of erection during coitus.

To determine the exact cause of potency disorder and properly diagnose causes of erectile dysfunction, a medical examination is required.

If erection problems are caused by vascular disease, genitourinary infections or urological diseases, it is necessary to take measures to cure these diseases to restore erectile function.

If causes of male potency disorders are stress, neurosis, depression or “anxious sexual failure expectation,” consultation of a psychologist and / or psychotherapist is required to get quality medical care.

During diseases treatment, which caused erection problems, the man can be prescribed with erectile dysfunction treatment drugs. Modern drugs for treatment of sexual dysfunctions do not cause serious side effects. Therefore, they can be taken until reasons for the lack of erection will be eliminated.