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One of the most effective stimulants of male potency in Europe is Yocon

A company Glenwood – the manufacturer of Yocon produces this biologically active supplement in the form of round tablets containing 5 mg or 10 mg of active ingredient Yohimbine HCl.

Yocon is an alternative brand name of Yohimbine HCl – an extract, which is extracted from the bark of the plant Pausinystalia Yohimbe. Yocon is manufactured by the American company Glenwood in the form of oral tablets of 5mg and 10mg.

Yocon tablets are widely used in urology to increase the penile rigidity in men with mild erectile dysfunction caused by:

Pathologies of blood circulation in the male penis
Syndrome of anxious expectation of sexual failure
Disorders of the endocrine system function
Severe stress.

Yocon affects the peripheral and central nervous system of the man by blocking activity of adrenergic receptors. Use of Yocon tablets promotes relaxation of muscle tissues that leads to induction of NO release in the cavernous bodies of the penis.

In addition, Yocon prevents blood deflation from the male genitalia. Such effect of Yocon tablets helps maintain a hard erection for a long time and significantly prolong sexual intercourse.

To restore erection sufficient for complete sexual intercourse, patients should take one Yocon tablet three times a day.

Use of Yocon tablets for about 2-3 weeks helps men with erectile dysfunction maintain:

  • normal sexual function
  • sexual stamina
  • sexual activity.

Using Yocon regularly, you will be able to restore your erection and significantly prolong the duration of sexual acts.

Improvement of sexual activity by means of Yocon tablets will help you greatly improve the relationships with the sexual partner and improve quality of your life.

Yocon suppliers in EU countries (Germany, France, and Austria) are pharmaceutical companies Sanofi Aventis and Cheplapharm. If at pharmacies of your country, this dietary supplement to restore potency is not sold, you can order Yocon on online pharmacy.

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