Yocon-Glenwood is a natural sexual activity stimulant, which is sold in pharmacies without a prescription.

To increase male potency, men should use Yocon-Glenwood pills that contain 5 mg of the natural active ingredient Yohimbine.

The manufacturer of Yocon-Glenwood (Yohimbine) tablets is Cheplapharm Company. This company owns a marketing authorization for Yocon-Glenwood in Germany.

The natural sexual stimulant Yocon-Glenwood is sold on the online pharmacies. Therefore, you can buy it not only in Germany, but also in other European countries (including Sweden).

The exact action mechanism of Yocon-Glenwood is not known. The researchers suggest that the active ingredient Yohimbine of Yocon-Glenwood tablets provides a double effect.

First, Yohimbine dilates blood vessels in the erectile tissue, thus stimulating additional blood flow to the penis.

Second, Yohimbine affects the autonomic nervous system, thus enhancing libido and helping to maintain the rigidity of the penis.

Like any natural product for male potency improvement, Yocon-Glenwood (Yohimbine) has its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage of Yocon-Glenwood lies in the fact that it helps increase the level of sexual activity without causing serious side effects

The drawback of Yocon-Glenwood is that it is not effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, caused by severe depression or diseases of the internal organs and systems

Yocon-Glenwood pills help improve sexual function only if the erection problems are mild or moderate.

To achieve maximum effect, the natural sexual stimulant Yocon-Glenwood must be taken regularly, 2-3 times a day, for several months.

  • In the first few weeks, it is recommended to take one 5mg Yocon-Glenwood tablet, twice a day.
  • Then, the dosage can be increased to 6 tablets per day, divided into three intakes (2 Yocon-Glenwood tablets / every 8 hours).
  • If Yocon-Glenwood did not help improve sexual function and did not increase your libido within two to three months, you can stop using it.
Yocon Glenwood

The natural stimulant of sexual activity Yocon-Glenwood has a low efficiency. Yet, when medicinal treatments for erectile dysfunction are contraindicated, Yocon-Glenwood pills can give men a chance to return to a normal and active sex life.

Besides Yocon-Glenwood tablets, other sexual Yohimbine-based stimulants are available for sale in Europe, as well. For example, the company Walter Ritter produces natural Procomil pills, which, just like Yocon-Glenwood 5mg tablets, contain the active ingredient Yohimbine.

It should be noted that Yohimbine is considered a homeopathic remedy in Canada and the United States. This is why Yohimbine tablets and capsules for potency are sold in North America without a prescription, just like in Europe.

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