Yohimbine is considered one of the best natural products for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (erectile dysfunction)

Some medical experts consider the efficacy of Yohimbine is not proven, and publish skeptical reviews about this drug.

However, Yohimbine (alternative name: Yohimbinum) is registered and used as a natural sexual stimulant in dozens of countries around the world. Therefore, stories about the successful use of Yohimbine for male potency enhancement are a reality, and not a myth.

Yohimbine tablets differ from other natural tablets for the treatment of erectile dysfunction through the fact that their action mechanism is very similar to the action mechanism of such drugs, as:

Just like the listed drugs, Yohimbine exerts a vasodilating effect, thus providing an additional blood flow to the penis.

By activating the blood flow in the erectile tissue, Yohimbine:

1. Restores the ability to achieve an erection, sufficient to start a sexual intercourse.
2. Helps maintain the rigidity of the penis to successfully achieve an orgasm.

Yohimbine has a weak therapeutic effect. Therefore, it should be taken regularly up to three times a day for a significant increase in sexual activity.

The recommended minimum duration of Yohimbine use is 2 months. If the number of successful sexual intercourse does not increase in 2-3 months after the start Yohimbine use, this drug for the erectile dysfunction treatment can be discontinued.

Yohimbine exhibits greatest effectiveness in the treatment of mild to moderate erectile dysfunction, caused by psychogenic risk factors

Men with severe impotence should choose alternative methods for restoring erections

Yohimbine is available in pharmacies under various brand names, including:

  • Yocon
  • Yocon-Glenwood
  • Yohimbin
  • Yohimbinum
  • Aphrodyne
  • Procomil
  • Ohm-Dam.

Some online stores of sports nutrition position Yohimbine as a supplement to enhance muscle strength and endurance.

  • However, studies show that Yohimbine has no significant anabolic effect, therefore, it is incapable of stimulating muscle growth.

If you are looking for a safe and effective OTC medication to treat erectile dysfunction, you can find more information about Yohimbine in our reviews. Before you buy Yohimbine pills online without a prescription, make sure that they are not contraindicated to you.